A New Chapter

Then: a suburban housewife and part-time writer from Dallas, Texas with a color-coded daytimer of everyone else’s schedules and fond memories of living in France in my twenties.

Now: an aIMG_0715dventurer, volunteer and full-time writer going second round at dream of living abroad in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Changed: country, language, lifestyle, world view and wardrobe.

Kept: not much besides supportive relationships and a huge sense of humor.

What I love about Mexico: mangoes, open markets, the Spanish subjunctive (all dreams and wishes), mountains, outdoor concerts, cool nights, cultural patience, no comfort zone and no-holds-barred living.


One of my earliest acquaintances here said, in all earnestness: “Susana, to survive in Mexico, you’ve just got to embrace the chaos.” Am doing.

5 thoughts on “A New Chapter

  1. Looking forward to your blog. I love your story and have shared it several times to people on the cusp of new lives. It’s never too late to “Embrace the Chaos.”


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